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We are looking to hire hard-working staff to work at the only white-tie ball in Cambridge, here at Magdalene, on 19 June 2019.

How to apply

All applications will be closing on Friday, 11th January 2019.

There is a short application form to fill out, followed by an interview. You can specify a list of friends you’d like to work alongside.

Click below to apply for any of the open roles:

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Role descriptions

Applications still open

Unless otherwise specified, you will be required to work from 17:00/18:00 on Wednesday 19th until 05:00/06:00 on Thursday 20th (shift length: 12 hours).


You will manage a small team of workers under the direction of an Area Manager. You will be in charge of a particular stage or part of a larger area and will be expected to assume responsibility if the Area Manager is absent. You will need to be able to manage small groups of people and be able to take and give orders under time pressure. Experience working at events or in customer facing positions is preferable but not required.

Ents Runner

You will be escorting the entertainment acts around the May Ball. You will have to make sure the timetable is adhered to and provide a warm welcome. You may also have to help cater to the requirements of the headliners. No previous experience is required.

General Worker

General workers will help with a range of tasks during the night under supervision of the Area Manager. Tasks will vary depending on requirements on the night. No previous experience is required.

Drinks and Food Workers

Drinks workers will be making and serving drinks to guests, and potentially working alongside professional bar staff learning to mix cocktails, as well as restocking the bars at the ball. No previous experience is required.

Food workers will work alongside professional caterers to serve the guests and ensure that food stalls are well stocked and running smoothly. No previous experience required. Timings will be the same as for General workers.

Setup and Clear-up Worker

Setup & Clear-up workers will help with pre- and post-ball setup tasks under the supervision of the Committee. This role may require heavy lifting (if you have any concerns about this, please get in touch).

Applications closed

Area Manager

You will be responsible for the running of an allocated area of the May Ball on the night, including managing the workers within it. You will also be working closely with the committee to ensure that every aspect of the ball is running smoothly.

You will need to be able to think on your feet, be organised and enjoy managing and working with other people. Experience working at large scale events is highly desirable.