Magdalene May Ball


We are excited to be opening the gates to the 2019 Magdalene May Ball in just one week's time. The committee have worked tirelessly to put on an incredible array of the finest food, drinks, art and entertainment for your delight.

We hope you can join us for the unforgettable night that awaits.

Event information

The Ball will be held on the night of Wednesday 19th June in the grounds of Magdalene College, Cambridge, continuing into the early hours of the next morning. Guests will be admitted from 7:30pm at the riverside gates.

Ticketing Information

Tickets to the Ball are sold in pairs, with each pair of tickets costing £380.

If you would like to join the waiting list, please contact the Ticketing Officer, Edwin Balani, at


We're excited to offer you two amazing ticket upgrades. Be quick to order, or you might miss out!

The form will be closed to submissions as soon as possible once upgrades have sold out. If the form is still open, then there are still some upgrades left!

Queue Jump

Don't want to spend May Week camping out on Magdalene Bridge, but still be the first to enter the Ball at 7:30pm? We are selling a small number of queue jump tickets for £30/pair, so you've got to be quick.

Beach Reception & Punt Entry

Want to start off the night in style? For £50/pair, you can join us on Benson Beach for a champagne reception from 6:45pm, and then be punted to the Ball by our professional chauffeurs.

Terms and conditions

The Ticketing Terms and Conditions are available here. The Terms and Conditions were last updated on Friday 5th April.

Charity support

Magdalene May Ball is pleased to be supporting the Cambridge Churches Homeless Project (CCHP), who provide a meal and a place to sleep for rough sleepers in Cambridge throughout the winter months.

Dress Code

The Magdalene May Ball has partnered with Moss Bros to offer guests a discounted white tie hire. The stores closest to Magdalene College are Savoy Taylors Guild on St John's Street, and Moss Bros on Petty Cury.

We request that guests attend the Ball dressed in one of the following:

White tie

Black tail coat, white Marcella (piqué) stiff-fronted shirt with (a preferably detachable) wing collar, and a white Marcella bow tie and waistcoat. The black dress trousers traditionally have two rows of black braid down the outside leg. Gold, pearl, or mother-of-pearl studs and matching cufflinks are worn and, strictly speaking, shoes should be patent leather court pumps but patent leather oxfords are also worn nowadays.

Overall, a single-breasted Chesterfield-style coat is appropriate, or a black evening cloak. A black silk top hat, white gloves, and a black ebony cane with silver or gold knob are elegant extras.

Ball gown

Full-length, formal evening dress. Evening bags, if brought, should be small and elegant. Sleeveless gowns are traditionally paired with a shawl. Covered shoulders are not necessary.

Gloves are traditionally worn, but are not compulsory. They are either very long or very short gloves when worn with short-sleeved or sleeveless dresses; with three-quarter length sleeves, gloves should reach the sleeve which, in turn, should overlap them slightly. If worn, gloves are worn en route to the Ball, in a receiving line, when shaking hands, and while dancing. They are removed when eating.

Highland dress

Black coatee (Prince Charlie, Montrose and Sheriffmuir jackets are suitable), accompanied by a black or white waistcoat, kilt, white pique shirt and vest with white studs and matching cufflinks. White bow tie or a white lace jabot are the appropriate choices of neckwear. Black Ghillie brogues are worn with a tartan, or red and white, red and black, or blue and white diced kilt hose. Flashes are worn with the kilt. Traditionally, sporrans are also worn, formal ornamentations of the pouch consist of a metal-mounted cantle top and fur pouch or a full fur and animal.

Military mess dress

Refer to your service branch’s uniform regulations.

Equivalent national dress

National dress from your home country, of a similar level of dress to those described above.


Max NussbaumerPresident
Fergus RicheVice-President
Alec JosaitisTreasurer
Henry Aldridge2D Design
Ran Xiao3D Design
Laura Haden-SmithDrinks Officer
Susannah CassFood Officer
Sally ButlerGuest Experience & Sustainability
Bella PetersMusic
Katerina BielenaNon-Musical Entertainment & Legal
Clare ZhouOperations
Matthew AldertonStaff & Security
Edwin BalaniTicketing & Technical